Since then, Heather has gone on to a myriad of other writing projects—including the recent collection of short stories You Are Here.

Heather Holland Wheaton wrote her first book, Tales of Wheaton Manor in 4th grade social studies class. It told the fictitious saga of her family’s life in feudal England and was bound in a piece of fabric that looked like a medieval tapestry. The book earned critical acclaim (and an A+) from Mrs. Longley and was displayed on the classroom bulletin board.


Her work has also appeared in Curbside Splendor,  Slipstream, The Morning News, PIM and Every Day Fiction. In 2012, her poem   "Untitled" was selected for the third anthology of Every Day Poets (not yet published). And for three years, she wrote “Haley’s Comment,” a weekly serial on

Heather lives in New York City and pays the rent working as a tour guide on those big, red double-decker buses that annoy the natives. She's currently obsessed with making soap—that she's packaging with booklets of her short stories—and writing a mystery novel set in Hell's Kitchen.